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LACE Partners is a pioneering mix of HR change specialists and progressive technologies. We provide a bespoke service to help you solve people-related business and technology challenges. Fundamentally different to traditional consultancies, our operating model drives innovation, quality and value at a competitive price.

We help organisations to optimise their performance through:
• Transforming the HR function
• Increasing the successful adoption of new HR platforms
• Running the change management streams of major transformation programmes
• Developing people strategies to drive workforce productivity
• Unlocking the value of collaboration
• Developing a candidate-centric approach to recruitment.

Founded by specialists from senior HR roles, many from the highest ranks of the UK’s Big Four consultancies, the LACE founders share a passion and belief that people hold the power to increasing the value of a company’s bottom line.

Our model is based on providing excellent HR consultancy services combined with best of breed technical solutions from a number of carefully selected software companies. Our alliances with these leading edge providers help us to deliver innovative, fit for purpose solutions for our clients.

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Meet our Network

  • Marie Shelton
  • Steve Carter
  • Mark Barlow
  • Maggi Evans
  • Rupert Morrison
  • Roger Gorman
  • Paul Allen
  • Katherine Corich
  • Clare Hill

Steve Carter - Apter Development

Senior Partner

Steve Carter is an internationally respected leadership consultant known for his innovative approaches and an impressive track record of delivery. His ability to understand the issues at hand very quickly and establish deep and insightful rapport with senior managers has made him hugely credible and the turn-to support for tough and difficult change challenges.

As a business psychologist he matches leading-edge thinking, practical business sense, and multicultural experience gained from working worldwide. A speaker, writer and thinker about leadership, OD and Change, he has led recent major programmes in Financial Services, FCMG, and Transport sectors.

Steve Carter

“Maybe the greatest adventure of all is to find out who we are and who we can be”

Rupert Morrison - Orgvue

Managing Director

Rupert Morrison is the managing director of OrgVue, an integrated software platform for organisation design, HR analytics and strategic workforce planning. He has over 20 years experience in consulting and is currently writing a book on organisation design.

Originally from New Zealand, Rupert coaches rugby in London where he lives with his wife and 3 boys. To email him or to find out more about OrgVue email info@orgvue.com or follow OrgVue on Twitter @OrgVue.

Rupert Morrison

“The way you see the world is the way you understand it” or “Good strategy is strategy which gets executed”

Marie Shelton - Apter Development

Senior Partner

Marie Shelton is highly sought after HRD / OD consultant who is at ease working at every level of an organisation. She takes a business focussed approach and is committed to outstanding results; she focuses on helping people to find new ways of operating that are beneficial to their organisations, their staff and themselves.

She has gained a huge amount of multicultural experience. Projects that Marie has been involved in recently include: developing leadership, executive coaching for senior executives, organisational change programmes, developing bespoke capability frameworks and 360 platforms.

She is also a highly talented project manager capable of overseeing the delivery of complex change and development projects both locally and internationally.

Marie Shelton

“We stand on the shoulders of those who went before – make sure your own shoulders are strong enough for those that follow”

Maggi Evans - Apter Development

Senior Associate

Maggi Evans is a Business Psychologist, influential communicator and a challenging strategic thinker with a focus on delivering practical solutions which deliver. Clients appreciate the depth of her insight, her organisational savvy and her ability to help them identify and act on the key issues that will make a difference.

Maggi brings energy, support and challenge to her work using a variety of techniques and models including psychometric profiles and a range of creative tools. She is a frequent commentator in the media on Women in Management and Wellbeing issues.

Maggi Evans

"The central issue is never strategy, structure, culture, or systems. The core of the matter is always about changing the behavior of people." John Kotter

Roger Gorman - Profinda


My passion is where digital meets behaviour psychology, uncovering and delivering true innovation, and connecting the dots. ProFinda.com

Soul food: Social causes including

1) GIViGET: A free family APP to turn kids’ computer ‘addiction’ into goodwill. It’s time to get kids to help out with old-fashioned tasks – and for these kids to now ‘earn’ digital fun/games by being more helpful and thoughtful.
2) Change20: local chapters offering a ‘Ted.com in the living room’ (not affiliated)
3) ELI: trading and sharing south-to-south innovation. ELI is all about empowering local innovation from developing communities to directly redeploy this knowledge back around the world.

I’m proud to be the 2012 winner of The Mitie Millions. The 2011 winner of the UCL award for Innovation and the 2011 UnLimited award, a charity supporting social entrepreneurs. Additionally I’m privileged to be helping a number of charities and social cause start-ups.

Roger Gorman

"Manufacturing serendipity"

Mark Barlow - Applearn


Mark Barlow is a successful entrepreneur and business leader based in Cheshire, England.
He has created in AppLearn one of the fastest growing technology companies in the UK with a truly international customer and market base.

He also went on to build a multi-million pounds technology division for a major UK FTSE 200 company. Hasgrove plc, a multi-disciplined communications ‘buy and build’ was floated on the LSE in 2006 and saw revenues rise to £36m within 4 years before its European arm was sold in 2011.

A professional footballer in his youth and a qualified engineer, his philosophy is to take business beyond the shores of the UK; ‘Too many enterprises wait for the market to develop at home for them, but with the fast pace of technology based businesses they have to be borne into a global market immediately. They have to ‘sense’ openings internationally and use that success to drive and build the new markets at home and in Europe’.

His latest firms AppLearn and Qikker are doing just that.

Mark Barlow

‘In the new world, ideas at home may need to be proven abroad before the domestic market ‘imports’ them; it may seem a perverse reverse of business activity but it sums up the pace and shifting sands of the global market place’.

Paul Allen - Comotion


Paul has been at the coal-face of major change and transformation programmes since beginning the early years of his career at both Accenture and Capgemini. He moved out of ‘big firm’ consulting in 2005 – the consequence of a desire to better support clients by providing more tailored, nimble and dynamic consulting to his customers. He has worked on some fairly hairy change programmes for major brands throughout the UK, Europe and further afield – building up first-hand experience in ‘big ticket’ organisation design and change management. When the opportunity to co-found Comotion came up he jumped right in – passionate about the importance of engaging people in the process of design-driven change, the principles by which he has worked with his clients was a perfect complement to Rob and Martin’s customer-led view of business success.

Paul Allen

“If you work just for money, you’ll never make it. But if you love what you’re doing and you always put the customer first, success will be yours”. – Ray Kroc [McDonalds Founder – and member of the "Time 100: The Most Important People of the 20th Century"]

Katherine Corich

Founder and Director of the Sysdoc Group

Katherine is a visionary leader with contagious entrepreneurial energy. She motivates and inspires teams to deliver complex change and successful programmes. Katherine also leads Sysdoc performance based philanthropy, offering expertise, time and seed funding, to deliver projects where we can make a significant and sustainable difference around the world.

Katherine Corich

Clare Hill

UK Chief Executive Officer Sysdoc Group

Since joining us in 2000 Clare has played a major part in the growth of Sysdoc, managing all aspects of the UK and European business. Clare now leads a growing team of consultants, delivering the outstanding results our clients have come to expect. Clare is a member of the Cabinet Office Panel of SMEs, influencing policy to enable Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises and the Voluntary and Communities Sector to achieve their potential and bolster the UK economy.

Clare Hill

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