Bombardier Case Study

Client: Bombardier

Workforce: 30,000+ staff across 40+ countries globally

Industry: International Transportation Business

The project: Focused on capture and analysis of pay roll data across the organisation to identify and report on further optimisation opportunities across the global payroll operating model. The current model utilised a mix of Regional Service centres; in house resources; and outsource providers (Global and Local).


While past initiatives have been undertaken to optimise and improve their payroll operating model, the client was aware that they had comparatively high costs to deliver a mainly outsourced payroll. Our quantitative analysis broke down the costs and enabled the business to see where the majority of spend was, together with the countries that were disproportionately expensive (or low in cost). Whilst our qualitative review provided evidence that the current Payroll Delivery Model with established Regional Service Centres were failing to serve the majority of the population either in terms of service quality, consistency or efficiencies. A business case was developed demonstrating that the benefits to be made were in terms of streamlining the service delivery model rather than outsourcing further.


Output from the intervention provided a clearer picture of where the current operating model was failing and leading to comparatively high payroll running costs, and limits in the central control and oversight.

The original hypotheses included the expectation that future optimisation might involve further outsourcing of the payroll process, however analysis showed that this could not deliver many of the desired benefits. In contrast analysis showed that significant savings and efficiencies might be achieved through a comprehensive review, restructuring and relaunch of the wider payroll operating model; in particular in the structure, set up and use of existing regional service centres and a change to the balance of activities performed in country and at the service centre.

Recommendations for next steps to fix the issues identified were made at 3 levels: quick wins; minimal investment; significant investment, to allow for a range in the organisations current appetite and the availability of necessary investment where a full restructure to be considered.