Plan International Case Study

Client: Plan International

Workforce: 10,000 across 70 countries

Industry: NGO/Charity

The project: The team performed an independent review of the central HR team, including Service Delivery Model to identify and make recommendations for specific actions needed to strengthen the team’s performance, capability and brand, and ensure team readiness to support the organisation as it gets ready to implement a broad new strategy.

The challenges: Concerned that capabilities of the HR team, along with its internal brand, needed to be strengthened.

Ouputs: A coherent view of the teams’ current issues and a clear set of recommendations, alongside a roadmap for change. A final workshop helped to articulate and agree the future Service Delivery Model, including:

  • A short-term remediation plan to enable the team to deliver demonstrable change within 6 months
  • A longer-term roadmap to strengthen HR over the next 2 years.

Our role: Undertook a series of interviews with all members of the current HR team. Gathered feedback from internal clients via questionnaire; and focus group Designed and ran work sessions to explore some key areas in more detail, including a workshop to optimise the Service Delivery Model.

Our qualitative review confirmed the morale of the team and current customer satisfaction were both low, and there was confusion amongst the team, and clients, about their role and how services or advice should be accessed.

The review also identified capability gaps, including a lack of HRIS skill within the team which was impacting the teams’ ability to configure and use a new leading edge HRIS system the organisation had invested in, leading to its severe underuse.

Related issues included a lack of prioritisation and meaningful performance measurement and reporting.