YNAP Case Study




4,703 worldwide (UK, Italy, USA, China, Hong Kong, Japan and Dubai)


YNAP is the world’s leading online luxury fashion retailer. The Group is a Global company with Anglo-Italian roots, the result of a game-changing merger, which in October 2015 brought together YOOX GROUP and THE NET-A-PORTER GROUP, two companies that have revolutionized the luxury fashion industry since their birth in 2000.

The project:

Implementation of Workday, a global cloud based HR SAAS solution and people system. Phase One has been delivered successfully in the UK, including introducing a new external payroll provider (ActivPayroll). LACE Partners will manage the Phase Two roll out to Italy, USA, Asia Pacific and Dubai. This will include managing localised configuration where there are legal and, or security constraints.

The challenges:

  • Data issues, both with quality and sources
  • Inadequate cross functional communication
  • Out of date, localised and ill-defined business processes
  • An unpopular, failing HR system, with numerous manual work arounds
  • Lack of accountability and ownership of data and business processes

The results so far for Phase One in the UK:

  • Successful roll out and adoption of Workday with Payroll
  • Single source of truth with cleansed and integrated data
  • Full adoption of new platform and future proofed learning
  • 24/7 access to Workday via desk top and mobile app
  • A network of empowered and confident HR specialists to help lead Phase Two

LACE’s role:

To lead, guide and support YNAP CPO and HR SLT through end to end implementation and adoption of Workday. Including managing the data cleanse, data migration and data integration; facilitating design and configuration, and managing testing and adoption. LACE were also employed to advise on the selection of an appropriate payroll provider and digital transformation tool supplier. ActivPayroll and Applearn, respectfully, were acquired, LACE then managed both external suppliers integration and roll out into YNAP.

Once the business case was agreed, the LACE Team, with our Workday partners, facilitated global workshops. These workshops put YNAP functional leads at the front of defining myworkday@YNAP. As a cross business, supplier and consultancy team, LACE managed the production of global workbooks, which resulted in the defined and agreed global configuration. The YNAP processes were streamlined, process maps clearly laid out and current ways of working were reviewed. YNAP are continuing to refine and merge best practice global processes. LACE continue to be at the forefront of this work and are offering professional HR best practice consultancy beyond the Workday roll out. For example working with the CPO and Global HR Directors, LACE are helping to coordinate future Workday change governance and manage future learning and adoption.

We’ve recently begun Phase Two, kicking off with global workshops led by YNAP UK HR Subject Matter Experts, developed during phase one; facilitated and managed by LACE Partners.

What has been fundamentally different?

LACE has added value, had fun and put YNAP people at the heart of the change programme. At the start of phase one LACE collaborated widely to assess how YNAP ‘ticked’ and how they perceived change. LACE also conducted change impact assessments and thorough training needs analysis for the Distribution Centre; HR department, UK managers and employees. Pre go-live LACE conducted change readiness assessments with all UK HR employees in order to assess the level of competency needed. These assessments were also used by LACE to tailor the right level of support, to ensure that adoption was a success and the HR team could operate at business as usual quickly, allowing LACE to focus on Phase Two as quickly as possible.

As well as focusing on cleansing multiple data sources and navigating immature business processes since YNAP’s merger, LACE took a global approach to ensure that YNAP leaders, managers and employees from across the business globally, were engaged and consulted from the outset. During Phase One LACE established two monthly networks, a global HR Change and UK Business Champion network. Both provided invaluable insight, council, assessment and engagement and provided a platform for debate, inclusion and shared learning.