• Do you need to define an engaging and accurate business case?

  • Are you looking to enhance the capabilities of your HR team?

  • Would you like guidance when selecting a new HR system?

  • Are you designing a new delivery model for HR, and want to discuss options?

  • Do you need a programme director who has knowledge of People and HR projects?

People Transformation

Our Founders have worked in this market for over 25 years

We’re experts in creating meaningful change, helping businesses boost motivation, performance, productivity, adoption, and more. Our founders have been at the cutting edge of People Change and HR for over 25 years.

Real change, bespoke to you

Every organisation is unique, so our solutions are too. We dig deep to understand what making a difference means for your business, zooming in on everything from strategy and structure to capabilities and systems.

We then deliver carefully tailored and innovative solutions that are right for you, whether that’s an entire programme or a handful of individual initiatives.

Working with your HR directors and teams, we’ll find the ideal balance of hands-on help and top-level consultancy. And we’ll pull in our best-in-class partners and providers when it counts.

Lasting results, delivered fast

Impact and speed matter. We fuse deep and wide people performance, HR and change knowledge with leading, innovative tech to bring you solutions that kick in quickly, and really work.

Our approaches aren’t just nimble – they’re robust too. Our eyes are always keenly trained on the future, and we make sure our clients’ businesses are primed for it, ahead of the competition.

Meaningful, measurable change

Genuinely valuable measurement begins with understanding where you’re coming from – your baseline. It also takes into account both hard numbers and perceptions.

Businesses don’t always want to hear what their people really think, but it’s vital that they do. We help you dig deep, be open, listen, empathise, and understand.

Once this baseline is established, we carefully determine what your measures of future success are, against the bespoke plan for your business. These become our shared measuring stick, as together we begin making changes to your organisation.

When you transform your business the LACE-way, you’ll:

  • Discover fundamentally different approaches
  • Work directly with the industry’s most experienced experts
  • Get access to our leading partners and providers
  • Enjoy true success – that you can measure

We also leverage our alliances with leading technology providers and service providers to accelerate our approach and to demonstrate to clients the art of the possible in this rapidly evolving market.


We’re all set to help you unlock seriously exciting possibilities.