• Implementing a new way of working, concerned about resistance?

  • Changing role and accountabilities, want a positive reaction?

  • Looking to sustain a high level of engagement throughout your project?

  • Searching for innovation to energise your change efforts?

Sustainable Business Change

We make sustainable behavioural change happen, drawing on our extensive experience working in large management consultancies. Championing collaboration, we empower you to take bold action, and to do it successfully.

Shared purpose

Sustainable business change must be purposeful. Everyone needs to be aligned on why shifts are taking place, and what success will look like. We believe all change is, at its heart, about changing behaviours.

We work with your business’s leaderships teams to uncover and develop a clear purpose for the behavioural change you’re undertaking. We make sure this purpose chimes with (and can be articulated by) everyone involved.

We use a strategic mix of surveys, interviews and tools to arrive at a shared purpose, finding the optimum data gathering approach for your organisation and your people.

Trust you can feel, throughout your business

To succeed, your change programme must be believed in. Your people must see reliability, capability and integrity. And, in turn, you must see – and feel – their trust.

Together with your organisation’s leaders, we develop a framework for inspiring and sustaining trust, through a blend of facilitation, animated content, innovative neuroscience technology, coaching, goal setting, and personal reflection techniques.

Connections that last

Those responsible for enacting change must be connected to each other. We’ve developed tried and tested approaches to make that happen.

We make sure those connections occur in the right moments, in the right ways, and hit the right note. And we take care of the practical realities of conserving those connections across the period of change, and beyond.

When you undertake sustainable business change the LACE-way, you’ll:

  • Align everyone involved under a clear set of goals, from the get-go
  • Know why you’re making changes, and what success will look like
  • Inspire trust in your people
  • Build connections and relationships that go the distance
  • Relax, knowing we’re guiding you with planning, pragmatism, and perseverance

We’ll inspire you to be brave and bold.