• Concerned about systems usage and data quality?

  • Is systems engagement critical to delivering your ROI?

  • Looking for a way to measure adoption?

  • Do you need a new approach to impart applications knowledge?

Tech Adoption

We guide businesses as they undergo the challenging task of adopting new, innovative tech. We help you protect your ROI, stability and longevity, by bringing you long-term systems and ways of working that are right for your organisation and your people.

Less risk, more safety and security

Did you know that 75% of all technology programmes fail to deliver? If your target audience don’t embrace your new tech, your ROI is at risk, and – often – you’ll need to spend more to fix the problem.

Tech adoption is both an art and a science. It’s our passion and our craft. We know what’s at stake, and how to get it right. At every step, we protect you from risk and guide you safely towards success.

Hard stats, and behavioural change

All too often, tech adoption approaches just focus on the ‘how to’, simply improving user interfaces and chasing faster ‘clicks’ rather than creating real change.

Taking a holistic, extended approach, we focus on the nitty-gritty of user experience and on people themselves – their personalities, needs, routines, and motivations.

Why? Because beliefs and behaviours are integral to guaranteeing deep, sustainable tech adoption. Anything else just scratches the surface, and can even alienate your employees, hitting productivity and profitability.

Strategy-driven success, supported by leading partners

We plan, deliver and monitor your adoption programme, placing people analytics at the heart of your journey.

And we educate and inspire your teams along the way, too, with face-to-face sessions, as well as digital and video content. Our bespoke training and support programmes put your people first, to guarantee success.

Since day one, we’ve also been the chosen partner of some of the best adoption platforms in the business, further enhancing the quality and impact of everything we bring you.

Applearn and their ADOPT Platform: An easy to implement, rich, cloud based platform that provides organisations with unique capability to improve the user adoption of their enterprise SaaS tools

CUE a specialist provider of UX designs with whom we collaborate to create meaningful and impact USer journeys to drive the adoption of software

When you commit to tech adoption the LACE-way, you’ll:

  • Reduce risk, and safeguard your ROI
  • Benefit from our extended approach, fusing user experience and people analytics
  • Get access to best-in-class adoption platforms
  • Relax, knowing seasoned, strategic experts are taking care of everything

We’ll help you keep pace, for the long haul.