• Looking to complete your contract with your provider and need support?

  • Unsure which systems configuration partner to choose?

  • Need to mobilize your HR/Finance project rapidly?

  • Looking for process, change and PMO teams who have HR experience?

  • Want to understand the impact your system will have on your People processes?

Tech Services

We know the HR Tech market is evolving at lightning pace, so at LACE we guide you through the vast array of choices available, helping you select technologies which meet your strategy and plans. And we help you implement them in agile, empathetic ways.

Your optimum implementation partners

We’ve guided and managed some of the largest HR projects in Europe, and we have close, ongoing relationships with the best implementation partners in the market.

We’ll stop at nothing to find the right fit for you. We help businesses understand the full range of options and opportunities open to them, sharing independent, expert advice along the way.

Agile delivery, nurtured by experts

To make an implementation program a success, you need to make smart, quick decisions. To do that, you need a dedicated confidant and coach who knows HR and Finance intimately. That’s us.

We’re seasoned veterans, and we’re constantly evolving and enhancing our approaches in step with the latest advancements. We steer you through the entire transformation process, bringing you confidence, peace of mind and impressive results.

People primed for change

We help you make sure you’re always putting people first, from developing user-centric systems, to educating and inspiring your people about the changes to come.

And we encourage you to think about people from day one, discovering what they need and what drives them, and preparing your messages for testing as soon as possible.

When you engage stakeholders and employees early and empathetically, you’ll have people who are ready for – and excited by – your business’s new tech.

When you implement new technology the LACE-way, you’ll:

  • Get independent, expert advice, whenever you need it
  • Be supported by a seasoned guide who ‘gets’ agile
  • Choose from the best implementation partners
  • Educate and inspire people about what’s coming
  • Act quickly and confidently

We’ll simplify your journey, and lead you to success.